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Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to Understanding PCOS

    2. Diagnostic Criteria #1: Hyperandrogenism

    3. Diagnostic Criteria #2: Polycystic Ovaries

    4. Diagnostic Criteria #3: Anovulatory or Oligoovulatory Cycles

    5. Summarizing the PCOS Diagnosis

    6. What is a normal cycle?

    7. What is an abnormal cycle?

    8. Specific abnormalities with a PCOS cycle

    1. What type of PCOS do you have?

    2. You have Insulin Resistant PCOS if:

    3. You have Post-Birth Control PCOS if:

    4. You have Adrenal PCOS if:

    5. You have Inflammatory PCOS if:

    6. Why is my PCOS type important?

    1. Insulin Resistant PCOS

    2. Post-Birth Control PCOS

    3. Adrenal PCOS

    4. Inflammatory PCOS

    5. Fertility Summary

    1. Change one thing!

    2. Insulin Resistant PCOS

    3. Post-Birth Control PCOS

    4. Adrenal PCOS

    5. Inflammatory PCOS

    6. Action Item BONUS!

    1. Tracking Symptoms and progress

    1. Tracking Introduction

    2. Basal Body Temperature

    3. Cervical Mucus

    4. Urine LH Testing

    5. Conclusion

About this course

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  • 3 hours of video content


““When I first came in for care, I had no idea what was wrong with me. My periods were horrific, painful, and exhausting. I would miss school, work, and life for two, maybe three days a month because of the migraines, bleeding, and generally feeling awful. Once we did the right testing to figure out what my primary problem was with my hormones, I was able to prioritize what I needed to do to help myself. Now my periods are regular, less scary, and I don’t miss days of my life every month. It’s definitely taken some guidance and encouragement and my willingness to make changes, but it’s so worth it. Now I have predictable cycles that don’t ruin my life.””



Dr. Tasmin Cordie


Dr. Tasmin Cordie has been in practice for over twenty years, helping patients recover their health and guiding them to take control of their health in a way they understand and can effectively manage using natural health care and foundational nutrition. “My training as a chiropractor and applied kinesiologist wove my foundation in holistic healing and functional medicine and gave me an unassailable belief the body can heal when interference is removed and nourishment is given in the proper amounts at the right time. My experience as a patient with genetic predispositions and environmental stressors to hormone imbalances has provided the empathy it takes to truly understand how frustrating and disheartening it can be to not feel well. The conventional approach for my body didn’t work. I needed better, holistic solutions that fully handled the root causes of my health challenges. I needed to know how to take care of myself for the rest of my life. I wanted to be able to make decisions and take action I knew would help my body become healthier on a daily basis. I believe feeling better along each step of my healing journey is essential, and I hold this belief for my patients as well. Learning how to understand the cause of my imbalances and taking responsibility for my future well-being is an ongoing process. I welcome you to start learning the information necessary to take better care of you and watch your whole health improve as a result of your guided efforts.”


  • How will this course help me?

    You will have specific information about your type of PCOS. You will have information on how to help yourself after immediately taking the course.

  • How long do I have access to the information?

    You will 90 days to access the course.

  • Do I have access to the instructor?

    If you have questions beyond the scope of this course, you can schedule an in-person or telehealth appointment with Dr. Cordie by either emailing [email protected] or calling 732-443-0300. We will also be offering additional online courses on hormone health.

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